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2018 trending products Inflatable Fluorescence Swim Ring

times   2018-01-03

Inflatable Fluorescence Swim Ring

Swimming laps with fluorescent materials, his bright, beautiful, smooth inner ring does not harm the skin.

Inflatable Fluorescence Swim Ring

High Quality Colorful Pvc Swim Ring

The swimming circle has yellow, blue, red, pink and other colors. The colorful swimming circle makes a beautiful scene in the pool.

customize swim ring

Shenzhen FTF zhenhan Inflatable Ltd. was established in 2004, is a manufacturer of custom factory, this year has gone through 11 years, the main PVC inflatable products and cold air inflatable:inflatable water toys, inflatable balls, pool float, baby pool, inflatable furnitures, inflatable advertising model, inflatable tents, inflatable arches, inflatable slides, inflatable air dancers and recently selling inflatable swan.

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