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Baby bath tub?How to choose and buy?

times   2015-11-17


Baby inflatable tub is one of the new products, its features are:

1, people-oriented, from the baby's safety and comfortable give priority to, the tub is slope type design, just cater to the baby's body size, design has a head, mommy don't have to tell a hand to hold the baby's head.Pool there is soft in the balloon, mommy can easily complete the one bath process.

2, raw material USES after silicone pacifier materials (do) environmental protection PP material, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, and can make the inside of the bath water temperature time extended.

3, with bar sinks, fine lines of slip plane, give full consideration to the baby and active behavior

, let baby free stretch, enjoy the pleasure of a bath at the same time, will not decline.

4, draw lessons from the hospital on a newborn's bath way, let the baby lying in the sloping basin, is conducive to shower in all aspects, especially the back and bottom part of the baby, and make sure the dirty water flow away quickly.

5, tub surrounded by soft filling material, soft and comfortable, avoid collision.Do manual work is careful, no rough edge stitching, it does not hurt the tender baby skin.

6, baby inflatable tub is suitable for 0-4 years old baby.0 to 6 months of the baby can lie on the sloping pool, with soft non-slip balloon fall prevention, 6 months to 4 years old baby can sit (the antiskid balloon deflated).

7, easy to carry, travel away when only two fists.

The choose and buy method steps:


1, choose those imported environmental protection material, thickness of 3 mm or so commonly, should choose those who wear resistance better and feel more soft.

2, humanized design, bar sink should have non-slip surface, because the baby and active behavior, when the baby free stretch, enjoy a bath at the same time, will not decline.

3, use the scientific way of bath, let the baby lying in the sloping temporarily by gas, can shower in all aspects, by its is the baby's back and buttocks, and to ensure that water flow away quickly.

4, the safest protection, must all around the tub is soft filling material, let the baby soft and comfortable, avoid collision.

5, beautiful patterns, such as beautiful or cartoon design is some bright color, to enhance the discrimination ability of the baby.

6, small volume, tub when not best can fold into small pieces, even when going out more convenient to carry.

7, belt and music: listening to music can let the baby more comfortable taking a bath.

In recent years, the net friend comment on most of the baby bath tub is mainly han baby tub, FTF brand, brand ZhenHan curriculum, especially the new Chinese curriculum November ZHIBT20151116IKE, ZHIBT20151114IKE, ZHIP20151112IKE etc series products fully meet the above points, the data of han inflatable products co., LTD., customized inflatable products suppliers, customers can decide the product's shape, size, color, material, printing, packaging, transportation, etc., and they are the products of the company all through the country even the world all kinds of certification testing, in line with international inflatable products production requirements.

Expert view:

Baby inflatable tub possesses the advantages of simple, safe, does not occupy a space, very suitable for baby use, suggested that mothers can choose and buy, but be sure to buy normal manufacturer of big brand, to ensure the quality.

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