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Inflatable bed? What are the typical features of inflatable bed?

times   2015-11-30
Bed furniture is very important in our life, have a good bed we will have a good sleep quality.Along with the social
Will the continuous development of science and technology, the variety of the bed is also very much, the inflatable bed is one of them, then charge

Air bed?With small make up to look at!

Inflatable bed is a new bed, and we usually use ordinary bed has the very big difference, is can see from the name.So what is the inflatable bed is?Inflatable bed?Let below small make up together to

look at!

1 inflatable bed

Inflatable bed, just as its name implies, is in the form of gas making the bed.Advantage of the characteristics of the air pervasive inflatable bed, bed can make human body and anastomosed with the inflatable bed one hundred percent of human body each part can be uniform stress, so as to overcome the defects of traditional berth bulky.Inflatable bed quality is very light, when wanting to use directly to the inside into the air.

2 inflatable bed

Inflatable bed of small volume, light weight, use the put off the air, just like usual household mattresses almost big volume, weight also is very light, can be put inside the bag with you.Inflatable bed has moisture-proof function, because its material is made of high quality rubber, open the inflatable bed does not require any bedstead, directly on the ground can be used directly.

How about inflatable bed 3

Inflatable bed for working outside, or often move friends, use inflatable bed is very convenient.Inflatable bed reduce their already a lot of burden also save some space for bedroom;Gas is not only a couple of pet bed, is also the old couple's love mew.Its unique comfortable performance let a person feel like floating on the water, also like floating in the cloud, people don't take offence in the romantic emotional appeal.

Inflatable bed how to use itT

he use of inflatable bed is also very simple, inflatable mattress canimmediately after to buy air but for the first time after filling the gas 8 hours (12 hours), shall only be used for air bed in seam and it need a buffer process;2 days before the new bed is used, as far as possible not enough air.After a filling the air, the air bed will be a little slack, this is normal phenomenon, air bed material have some flexibility, after filling the gas some big tender, just feel relaxed,

just then inflated to a desired effect, but don't cheer too full.

Inflatable bed how to maintain

When using inflatable bed in summer, remember not to inflate too, otherwise the drawstring will overload and fracture inside the bed, bed surface caused bulge, this kind of situation will not be able to repair;A people use enough gas, two people used to put off some gas;Within the season conversion temperature rise, the bed gas expansion, note is deflated.When the temperature drops, bed will soften, pay attention to fill gas;Any inflatable products (including tire) natural gas leakage, this is normal phenomenon, pay attention to timing, fill gas.

Experts recommend:

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