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Inflatable castle maintenance way

times   2016-01-07

Inflatable castle maintenance way

1. In order to ensure that your equipment to normal use fixed number of year, when boot up to play can't go to too many children
For pleasure.Generally contain 3 square meters on the module a child.
2. Small facilities on the modelling adornment effect, can't let the child hard, hard to tear in order to avoid damage.
3. The children play, can't let the child with hard thing scribble on the device, so as to avoid damage.
4. In case of equipment damage, in the lesions and the standby PVC material is coated with special glue, the glue
After 5 minutes not glue the hand, its adhesion, proper squeeze, you can use a few minutes.
5. The pressure on the equipment is too soft, too check for air leakage, and tore hole, or power failure;Air pressure is too hard to
The fan inlet block.

6. Such as large area of abnormal use is damaged, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or directly send back to youThe factory for repair.

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