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Inflatable product category

times   2015-12-12

Product categories

Module has a variety of products, and according to the use of different modelling, which is divided into several categories as follows:

A military simulation module
Two, inflatable advertising balloons landscape exhibition hall
Three, large multifunctional inflatable tent
1, business inflatable tent
2, promotion inflatable tent
3, military inflatable tent
4, education inflatable tent
5, building inflatable tent
Four, ads simulation module
1, gas mold clothing
2, model gas food
3, gas-product live
4, gas vehicle
Five, cartoon model gas
1, walking activity cartoon module
2, inflatable cartoon fixed
Six, advertising model gas
1, lighting module - light fan
2, model gas arch
3, inflatable billboard
4, inflatable screen
5, inflatable fell to earth
6, inflatable pillar
7, inflatable air wuxing module
Seven, gas mold decoration
1, gas mold stage props
2, module promotion decoration
3, model gas business decoration
4, gas mold decoration bar
Eight, inflatable holiday items
1, wedding model gas arch
2, inflatable Santa Claus, inflatable snowman
3, the unit to celebrate module
4, the government to celebrate module
5, the funeral module LingPeng
Nine, inflatable entertainment city
1, children's inflatable paradise
2, large inflatable advertising children's castle
3, inflatable fluffy trampoline
4, large sports amusement toys children
5, inflatable trampoline
6, inflatable slide
7, inflatable water sports products
Ten, PVC inflatable products
1, the ground of PVC inflatable products
2, inflated with lamp lift-off balloon modelling
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