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Introduction to inflatable arch

times   2018-01-09

Inflatable arches

in the mid - 1990 at home did not appear a new advertising media, it is the biggest characteristic. In the process of brand and promotion advertising campaign has irreplaceable function, easy to form a grand lively activities. It's appearance, enlarge the people to the product of infinite imagination, arouse the curiosity, flirting with people's shopping desire, by showing the modelling of image vivid, tall, give people a strong visual impact and relaxing atmosphere, to deepen the understanding of the product image and brand, play a good publicity effect.

Customized inflatable arch

The inflatable arch is PVC plastic material filled with PVC material and Oxford fabric inflatable products, but mostly refers to PVC sandwich material and Oxford fabric made of inflatable products. Inflatable products of PVC material is composed of high frequency machine or hot fan MWCNTS, PVC inflatable products and Oxford fabric forming material is through the sewing equipment and sewing, the former is one-time after filling with air pump, air equipment gas seal, the latter is installed internal or external electric blower aeration equipment such as continuous aeration.

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