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Knowledge of inflatable toys

times   2017-12-29

Children's inflatable toy

An inflatable toy for children refers to a toy made of tension and pressure difference between film and film. The storage volume of the climate is small and easy to carry.

inflatable toys for kids

Inflatable toy classification

Large inflatable toys for children:
These toys are large in size and mainly appear in parks or shopping centers such as the naughty castle and the entertainment city.
Children's cartoon gas model toys:
This kind of inflatable toy is cartoon character, because the color is showy, the interest sex is strong by children's affection, such as inflatable puppy, inflatable Mickey Mouse;
Children's small inflatable toys:
Such inflatable toys are small in size and have no specific appearance, such as inflatable rubber balls; Such inflatable toys mainly apply to water, such as swimming circles, inflatable boats, etc. Summer is the golden period for the sales of air inflatable toys.

Giant Inflatable  Animal Water Toy

Inflatable Toy maintenance

1. Before the toy is released, use half dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, dry it and put it in a cool and clean place.
2. If the toys are not kept in good condition, the water should be blown in a dry and ventilated place without the cleaning, and the water should be dried until the water is evaporated.
3. The toys should be kept for a long time and should be checked regularly for moisture. They should be blown up and wiped clean in the ventilation area.

How to repair the inflatable toys

1. Paste requirements
Apply the glue on the toy first and the cloth evenly, then hang the cloth to the paste for half a minute, and then paste it into the paste.
Broken toys
A, the crossing is longer than 5cm applying needle seams, and then pasted with cloth or cloth
B. Cut out the words by 5cm and paste them directly
2. Seam opening
First, sew the opening with a needle, (or remove it from the bottom of the air cushion to the seam), and use the paste to handle the opening with a solid and beautiful appearance
3. Apply some glue to the side of the warped side with a small brush, and then press it to a firm and firm.

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