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The inflatable model is popular with children

times   2017-12-22

New quality Oxford cloth

The inflatable model is abbreviated as "air mode". It refers to the new kind of encryption of Oxford materials, and then USES the fan to carry out air blowing into the molding products. This kind of PE cloth is compared with the traditional PVC fabric, which has the advantages of easy tearing, not stripping, and sealing. The product has a lighter weight and is portable and can be easily applied.

inflatable mode

A variety of inflatable models

There are many kinds of air - die products in the present market, including arch, pillar, wedding, cartoon, product model, amusement facilities, water children's paradise. It has a wide range of USES, in addition to the usual advertising industry, some rides, sports competitions, TV entertainment, wedding celebrations, exhibition promotions and even military fields.

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The inflatable model captured the children's childlike innocence.

It was introduced from abroad in the mid-1980s as a new propaganda medium. Its predecessor is said to have originated from a large number of cartoons and cartoons produced in the United States. Since the animation and cartoon characters are cute and cute, this has become the target of many young children to learn to imitate. Therefore, this point is soon seen by some astute advertisers. The inflatable model captures the children's childlike innocence.

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