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Water-filled products in the summer of 2023

Published by Waterhan 2023-08-30

1, production time

If the procurement of inflatable products in 2020 is viewed in the long-term perspective, the custom production time in China will begin until January 15th. Because of the Spring Festival, production has stopped production until the start of production in February, because the process of customizing the order is also needed. It takes about 4 to 15 days to put into production, so it may be difficult to catch the tail bus of the customized production of inflatable products this year.

2, shipping time

For example, shipping from China to the United States generally takes about 14 to 21 days, excluding the Chinese New Year period. Therefore, it is not too much time to verify the order and production time to customize the production of summer inflatable products.

3, recommended inflatable products factory

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