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The inflatable toy broken a hole how to repair?

Published by Waterhan 2023-08-30

inflatable toy
Inflatable toy is every child likes, is also very convenient to carry, when not playing or need to carry to put off the gas, when needed to play the full gas can make the inflatable toy drum up, become the child's toys and boring time of the company, a lot of styles inflatable toys, classification also has a lot of, so today let inflatable toy makers say inflatable toy broke a hole how to repair?

1. First of all, it needs to be repaired with special adhesive of PVC. The surface of the inflatable toy that is glued must be dry, clean, free of dirt or grease, otherwise it will affect the curing speed and bonding strength. Find the leak and release the gas.
2.If the broken hole is very small, such as only 3 mm, so only need three drops of glue, four hours to add a few drops when dry, again after 4 hours inflatable toy can normal use.
3. After the use, the PVC special super glue water bottle mouth should be cleaned and tightly closed with a bottle cap.
4.There is shade after use. PVC special glue can be stored for a long time to prepare for the next time.