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The difference between a swimming ring and a life buoy.

Published by Waterhan 2023-08-30

swimming ring
Many consumers think that the swimming ring is the life buoy, in fact, this idea is wrong. There are some obvious differences between the swimming circle and the life buoy. The swimming circle USES inflatable toys, and can not be likened to a life buoy, which can be likened to a life buoy. So be aware of the details when using the swim ring, especially for children. Don't use the swimming ring as a life buoy.





with canvas and coated with several layers of paint. For the life buoy only used in inland waters, the overall quality is not less than 1.5kg. The purpose is to enhance the strength of the life circle body, and to be accurate and not affected by the wind and waves in the rescue of the drowning person. Compared with the real life buoy, the toy swimming ring is too light to be thrown accurately; Easy to break the air, the compression ability is very poor, easy to burst; The plastic surface is wet and slippery, harder to grasp. The swimming circle is not the same as the national standard of the life buoy. The life buoy is a lifesaving function. It has many auxiliary functions. While the swimming circle is defined as a water toy, it is the toy standard. Experts say that the swimming circle can only play an auxiliary or protective role in water sports, but it can be dangerous if carried to the sea.
Therefore, you can choose to use the inflatable toy type swimming circle in the swimming pool or the simple place. When you need to go to the beach, you are not advised to carry a swimming circle. It's best to carry a life buoy. Remember to keep an eye on children while playing water sports. Don't go too deep. Inflatable toy manufacturers sell high quality inflatable toys, inflatable pools. Welcome to inquire.